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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Athellos take to create a website?

The duration to create a website depends on two things. The first is the functionality of the website. If a website has custom functionalities it might take longer. The second is client-responsiveness. If submissions of requirements are delayed the whole project will be delayed. Most websites are completed within one to two months.

Are websites made by Athellos mobile friendly?

Yes! All our designs and development includes most device sizes. This includes desktop, tablets, and mobiles. When different screen sizes view the website the content and images will be automatically resized. 

How much does Athellos charge per website?

Athellos has two packages. The first is a website portfolio. A website portfolio only contains images, text, and a few form functionalities you usually see on a business website. This includes contact forms and career forms. While the second package is an e-commerce website. The basic e-commerce website package will have all the functionalities required for you to run your own online store, which includes custom designs. We can also add additional functionalities at your request.

Does Athellos charge a percentage per sale for an e-commerce website?

No! Athellos does not charge a percentage of sales. After launch, all the profits you make per sale is completely yours!

What is included in the monthly maintenance?

The monthly maintenance includes:

  • Domain, Hosting, CDN
  • Security, Version Update Testing
  • Revision of website (1 module/month)
  • Support(Website Down, Slow Website, etc)

This basically means Athellos will handle everything your website needs in order for it to run properly. Imagine having your own IT personnel to handle your website.

What happens if my website is down?

A website is down for a variety of reasons. This includes hosting issues, DDOS attack, wrong configuration of the server, and many more. If your website is down and you availed of the monthly maintenance Athellos will solve the issue ASAP. IF you did not avail of the monthly maintenance you would need to hire an IT professional in order to solve your issue.